Letters of Youth


/ 3 February 2021

In the previous years, you might have noticed that there are no longer people waiting weeks for photos because of modern digital cameras that show results in an instant. But not for Filipino beauty vlogger and influencer That’s Bella and Singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan who have known fans of film photography.

Some netizens happily display in their social media posts that they have bought their first film and are on the journey of going analog. Let me show you my list of some film cameras that won’t break your money line.

  1. Kodak M35 and M38 (2020) Reusable camera
    Classified as a point and shoot camera has a built-in flash and runs on an AAA battery. This aesthetic trendy film camera is perfect for beginners. You can get it online for P 1,499-1,799 (Film roll and battery not included).
  2. Harman Reusable Camera
    The Ilford Harman 35mm camera is also a point-and-shoot camera, however, these come as a package with 2 36 exposure Kentmere Pan films. You can get them on MVP Camera on Shopee for P 1,899. The Harman cam can also run on any type and brand of film.
  3. 2nd hand Konica’s and friends
    Konica is one of the known point-and-shoot cameras along with ‘Leica’ and ‘Yashica’ but is more affordable nowadays. An Instagram shop called ‘The Vintage Collective’ sells 2nd-hand cameras ranging from P1,700- and up depending on the quality of the item. This shop is also responsive to their Shopee account and would gladly entertain your questions.

35mm Film-rolls under 400 and Where to Develop Them

  1. Ilford Kentmere Pan Black and White film Negative – P 265 (MVP Camera)
    The Kentmere pan has a broad tonal range, high-speed, and fine grain fit for film beginners. This is perfect for practicing with film rolls and people who are trying to develop their own films.
  2. Kodak Ultramax 400 – P 349 (MVP Camera)
    Low-speed, fine grain, with a good combination of color saturation perfect for outdoors and indoor flash photography. The Kodak Ultramax is a beginner’s best friend.
  3. Kodak Gold 200 – P 450 (Megumio/Firumu)
    Most film rolls start around 450 and up and Kodak Gold 200 is a crowd-favorite because of its High-quality results when scanned for digital output.

Get them developed here:

Sunny16 Lab
20b E Maya Dr, Quezon City, Metro Manila

  • 35mm Film Service and Scanning – P 150

25 Scout Tuazon Street, Laging Handa, 1103 Quezon City, Metro Manila

  • Color Film Processing – P 150
  • B&W Film Processing – P 200
  • Negative Scanning – P 200
  • Push/Pull per stop – P 150
  • ECN/Cinefilm/Cinestock Processing – P 250
  • Color Reversal Processing – P 600

Wonder Photoshop Fujifilm
3rd Level Bldg. 1 Ayala Malls Vertis North North Avenue, Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Film service and scanning – P 264 and above
  • Wonder Photoshop Discount card – P 180


Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice.