Letters of Youth


/ 12 February 2021

The pandemic has certainly affected the school year schedule. In the country, some schools opened regularly in June, while most started in September or October. But the definite truth is, people my age will almost graduate from high school.

Now, we are stuck with indecision, worry, and anticipation. Will we get to choose the right course for us? Can we push through until the very end of our college life? And most importantly, will we even experience said college life or will we just end up staring at our laptop screen some more?

Another issue is the tremendous impact of wealth on online learning. We must admit, for a fact, that our current predicament favors some more than others. Now, how will they cope if this setup of education turns out to become the norm? Will we even bat an eye or just settle for indifference?

Even college applications seem to take a toll on us, with mixed opinions regarding the scrapping of entrance exams, exchanged with merely the basis of our high school grades.

I feel hesitant to start my first year of college online. Others say that it’s the year of new beginnings, new friendships, and new experiences. But will we get to feel that when we are staring at our classmates and teachers on a computer screen? And what if it’s not just for our first year? What if we’ll end up graduating from college without even seeing our classmates?

These worries seem shallow since there are more pressing concerns that were brought by the COVID-19. And I know that online classes prevent the spread of the virus. But I hope that things get better soon and we can finally go on about our lives like how we did before. Or even slightly closer to before.