Letters of Youth


/ 19 November 2021

She’s a woman in love who simply looks gorgeous. 

Her face radiates energy like that of the blinding light of the sun. 

She looks happy and whole as her eyes continue to sparkle like that of a million stars. 

It enthralls my beating heart from dusk till dawn as she sailed over a timeless journey. 

As her smile denotes serenity where a hidden agony lingers in, she surprisingly gives hope to the lonely. 

She may not have a golden voice, but is merely gentle and sweet. 

Her heart is immaculate for she often wants to give, giving only but little. 

Still, when she gives to anyone, it’s only then she would be able to showcase her authentic self. 

Something might seem odd, but whenever she gives… her generosity echoes almost unbearably for she always displays a hundred percent of everything. 

As she possesses a unique turn of mind and an aura which emanates within the air that I breathe and as the wind rustles in, I’m finally embraced with a pleasant breeze. 

She fills her mind with wisdom, not of facts. 

She fills her life with strong will, but with faith. 

She wishes love for all mankind and for them to achieve genuine happiness that has always been a hint about her being every inch selfless and desirable. 

She is an ideal woman… The exact epitome of how a woman should be. 

With all her perfect little flaws, everyone can compare anyone to her, but no one could ever be like HER. 

And her name will always be remembered as the world built from ashes returns to ashes. 

There will always be a woman who once was called…