Letters of Youth


/ 13 August 2021

As honest as the grass,
My feelings for you will last
I might have hated you in the past
Now, my heart hungers for you in a vast

We talk, we argue and reconcile
I bet my way of conversing is in style
When I’m loud, I wonder if you smile
I’d put on a brave face for you in a mile

As deep as the ocean,
I know you’re a noble man
Even if some say you’re not one
For me, you are # 1

You come first in kindness
People see you from blindness
I might somehow be careless
But I see your greatness

As vague as the sky,
I asked myself why
I hope you won’t pass me by
And that halfway, we’ll try

Why not see me as a woman?
Am I a fool to love a man?
A man whom in my place cannot stand
Is it so hard to understand?