/ 21 March 2021

To complete my recent series of columns on energy efficiency, I’ll be providing a few more tips that students, and those working from home, can keep in mind. Thankfully, I have gotten some good feedback on my past tips, as well as requests for additional “Bright Ideas.” I think this has become even more relevant now that people are once again staying home more often and for longer periods of time due to the rising number of positive cases and stricter community quarantine measures like curfews.

Historically, the summer season may bring an increase in residential electricity consumption by 10% to 40% versus average consumption during the cool months of January and February. As temperature increases, appliances that have compressors, like air conditioners or refrigerators, will have to work harder. Electric fans are also used longer than usual, and often at “high” setting to beat the summer heat.

But we at Meralco say that this summer, you have the power, as Meralco encourages its customers to continue practicing energy efficiency initiatives at home to be ready in managing their consumption.

These simple everyday activities include cleaning your aircon filters every 2 weeks to ensure optimal performance, setting your aircon’s thermostat to 25oC to maximize efficiency, making sure you use the right aircon size for your room,  making sure your refrigerator’s air vents are not blocked to keep its compressor from working harder, unplugging appliances when not in use to avoid phantom load, using a power strip to make it easier and more convenient to turn appliances off simultaneously with just one switch, and maximizing natural light during daytime.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg! For more bright ideas and energy efficiency tips, customers may also visit or follow Meralco on Facebook and Instagram: meralcoph.