/ 22 August 2020

Who would have thought that a slim, transparent, acrylic motorcycle barrier will pit a government against its people? During a pandemic, when other nations were busy “flattening the curve”, the country was caught in a fiery exchange of arguments both for and against a flat piece of plastic jammed between rider and passenger.

Conceived by the best and the brightest, the motorcycle barrier was invented and required by the government to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Several prototypes of the motorcycle barrier surfaced.

But eventually, only one design reigned supreme.

However, netizens and other concerned groups were unimpressed. Using common sense and a little knowledge on aerodynamics, they pointed out that the motorcycle barrier is hazardous and is an unnecessary cost to already cash-strapped riders.

Authority was imposed.

Arguments were hurled.

Egos were bruised.

Authority stood pat.

Riders were left with no choice but to comply.

It was a battle.

But when all hope seemed to be lost, something changed when someone got COVID-19 for the second time – a metanoia of sorts!

It was announced that motorcycle barriers are no longer required for riders living in the same house under a general community quarantine. Suddenly, the mighty motorcycle barrier lost its protective power.

First came jubilation!


And then it was followed by realization.


Now, everybody is just thinking of ways to make use of the brilliant contraption.

Take note, however, that riders not living in the same household are still required to use a motorcycle barrier. It is unknown whether the motorcycle barrier is barely surviving for face-saving purposes or its proponents are consolidating genius arguments for its return to full glory. Do not throw away that motorcycle barrier yet. During this pandemic, stranger things have happened. The battle is not over. The motorcycle barrier lives on.