/ 6 February 2022

AROUND 80 schools in Western Visayas are ready for the expanded phase of limited face-to-face classes, according to local education officials.

“We have submitted to the central office the names of 80 schools, which are ready for the expansion,” Department of Education Western Visayas Director Ramir Uytico said.

“But considering the classification on alert level of the whole region, that is Alert Level 3, they are still on standby,” he added.

Earlier this week, DepEd gave the green light to all its regional offices to begin the progressive expansion of limited in-person classes in public and private schools starting February 9.

The department said regional directors must consider several factors in deciding whether a school is prepared for physical classes.

The factors include compliance with the standards of the School Safety Assessment Tool; located in areas placed under Alert Levels 1 and 2; and the capacity of the school to handle several grade levels.

Regional directors must also seek the concurrence of the local chief executive in the city or municipality where the expansion school is located; coordinated with barangay officials; and must secure written consent from the parents of students participating in face-to-face classes.

Similarly, a school must have the flexibility to complete teaching and learning sessions and can hold a managed recess period within the contact time provided.

Only vaccinated teachers are permitted to participate in the F2F classes.

Data from DepEd-6 showed that 90.81 percent or 76,755 of its 84,518 personnel are vaccinated.