/ 6 October 2020

A YOUTH group questioned the statement of Education Secretary  Leonor Briones that the opening of classes on Monday was a victory.

The Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan said that schools have opened but the government failed to address several concerns such as the availability of internet, gadgets and modules.

“As the country’s education system burns to the ground, its leaders stand over the rubble and declare victory. Briones, Duterte, your victory is our suffering. Your progress is our pain. You have no idea what the situation is like, let alone how to fix it,” the group posted on social media.

It claimed that the challenges faced by students and teachers showed that the administration cannot pursue education in times of pandemic.

“Our leaders look at the millions disenfranchised and call it victory. They look at the teachers contracting the virus and march forward. They look at the millions of dropouts and four students dead and call it a new venture,” SPARK added.

The group said that students, teachers and parents have voiced their concerns for six months but the government “failed to listen.”

“The opening of classes does not mean that you have accomplished the slightest thing. This is not victory over Covid19, this is the defeat of common sense.This is outrageous. This is disgusting. This is our education being ground into dirt,” SPARK said.