/ 27 July 2020

A group of non-teaching personnel has expressed its full support to the Department of Education’s ‘learning continuity program’ which aims at ensuring the continued schooling of students while the country is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Lawyer Domingo Alidon, national president of DepEd National Employees’ Union, said his group strongly believes that this pandemic should not be a hindrance for learners to pursue their schooling.

“Thus, being a partner of the education department, the DepEd-NEU is offering its full support to the plans and programs of the gov’t. educators, particularly on the Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP),” Alidon said.

According to Alidon, his group will help the DepEd management in the distribution of learning materials to the country’s public students.

“The DepEd-NEU, through its members nationwide, shall extend assistance such as, but not limited to, the distribution of printed materials to barangays or homes of learners,” Alidon said.

“Finally, we are also asking all other stakeholders to join us in heeding the call of the DepEd in responding to the challenges of the ‘new normal’ for the education of our youth,” he added.

To effectively implement the learning continuity progran, DepEd is now conducting webminars (online orientation and training) to capacitate teachers on the different modalities of education delivery under the plan.