/ 12 December 2022

THE UNITED States government, through USAID, celebrated the completion of the P280-million project with the Department of Education and the Research Triangle Institute that aims to improve the reading skills of more than 33,300 early grade learners.

“I believe that when the work that USAID and DepEd accomplished together over the past five years is sustained and scaled up, early grade learners who are benefiting from these initiatives today will say that they had a good education — a fun, empowering, inclusive, and learner-centered education that helped them become better people,” USAID Deputy Mission Director Rebekah Eubanks said.

USAID’s All Children Reading Philippines program has provided research, resources and technology to support the Philippines’ shift to remote learning during the pandemic. It has also provided training for teachers and school staff.

USAID also supported the production of DepEd TV episodes, eResources and computer-based assessment tools.

DepEd Undersecretary Michael Kristian Ablan assured that eResources will reach learners, especially those in last mile schools.

“I am proud that the support USAID’s All Children Reading project provided in developing eResources was made in large part through our collaboration [together with] the Office of Administration and the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. USAID helped us deliver learning to our young children at the time that is most challenging,” Ablan said.