/ 25 September 2022

ISABELA State University College of Agriculture Dean Dr. Jonathan Nayga developed ground-breaking methods for enhancing technology-based goat production.

Nayga made the presentation recently at the Department of Science and Technology’s 7th National Research and Development Conference.

In his presentation, Nayga emphasized the university’s Goat Research and Development Framework, which served as the foundation for the advancement of various goat programs and projects.

According to him, the research and development framework offered specific technology-based interventions to enhance goat production management.

Nayga, who is also director of the Cagayan Valley Small Ruminants Research Center, added the GRDF has been turned into a number of technologies, goods, and procedures that increase the profitability of goat production.

The dean outlined how the Farmer Livestock School on Goat Enterprise Management, a thorough training program created by DoST-PCAARRD, was used to transmit these innovations to other goat farmers around the nation.

According to Department of Agriculture records, more than 3,000 goat farmers in 100 local government units nationwide received training in conjunction with numerous state institutions and colleges, DA regional field offices, and the DA-Agricultural Training Institute.