/ 8 March 2022

THE TEACHERS’ Dignity Coalition called on national candidates to consider its comprehensive agenda for teachers and education workers.

“We have witnessed several forums and even debates where candidates, especially those gunning for the highest office in the land have presented their plans, unfortunately, we have yet to see a suitable platform that responds to the needs of our teachers and the education sector in general,” Benjo Basas, the group’s national chairperson, said.

Basas said that the group’s 13-point agenda focuses on the rights and welfare of teachers such as higher salaries, compensation for those affected by Covid19, free post-graduate education, provision of free laptop or computers and internet services, and putting up of a separate insurance system and hospital for teachers.

The other demands include a change in curriculum, reduction of class size, provision of books and other materials and facilities and adequate funding for the safe return of in-person classes.

“We want to make sure that for this coming election, the issues of education sector will be put in the center stage together with pandemic response, economic plans and foreign policy platforms of the candidates both in the executive and the legislature,” Basas said.

He said that TDC will invite candidates to allow them to present their plans for the education sector.