/ 23 August 2020

BATAAN 1st District Rep. Geraldine Roman is pushing for a measure integrating the study of the 1987 Philippine Constitution into the secondary education curriculum.

In filing House Bill 7245, Roman said Filipino youth should be knowledgeable on the fundamental laws of the land.

The bill mandates all public and private schools to teach a constitutional education course in Grade 10 which, it said, is the ideal level as students are not yet preoccupied with college applications.

Based on the bill, the Department of Education, in collaboration with the Supreme Court, Integrated Bar of the Philippines, and the legal academe will develop the course.

The course shall be developed in a way that is suited and responsive to the capacities of students and in accordance with the standards and principles to be followed in developing the enhanced basic education curriculum.

The measure seeks to raise the level of awareness and understanding of the Filipino youth on the history and provisions of the 1987 Constitution. It also wants to make them aware of their rights and duties as Filipino citizens.

It is also expected that students will develop appreciation and exercise of democratic values, such as transparency, accountability and respect for human rights and dignity.