/ 14 August 2022

PUSONG Pinoy Partylist Rep. Jernie Jett Nisay is pushing for a measure regulating the conduct of off-campus educational activities by public and private schools.

In his House Bill 3128 or the proposed Off-Campus Education Act, Nisay seeks the inclusion of mandatory visitation of historical landmarks, monuments and cultural heritage sites, as part of the off-campus activities.

“This aims to truly promote and popularize our historical and cultural heritage, and inculculate patriotism and nationalism among Filipinos, especially the youth,” Nisay explained.

Based on the measure, no off-campus non curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular educational activities shall be undertaken unless it is relevant and aligned with the educational competencies of the curriculum or necessary to the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills and value of the learners.

The measure also mandates the accreditation of the venues, destinations, and activities where the educational institutions may conduct, hold or participate in off-campus activities.

An educational institution which conducts off-campus activities outside those off-campus venues and destinations accredited will be penalized by a fine of P50,000 for first offense; and P100,000 and suspension of all off-campus activies for six months for second offense.