/ 18 March 2022

ACT Teachers Partylist Rep. France Castro welcomed the enactment of the law mandating inclusive education for children with disabilities.

Republic Act 11650 or the law Instituting a Policy of Inclusion and Services for Learners with Disabilities in Support of Inclusive Education Act aims to recognize and promote the rights of learners with disabilities in Inclusive Education.

As one of the principal authors of the law in the House of Representatives, Castro ensured  the adoption of some of the salient points of the law.

First is the principle of “reasonable accommodation” which mandates the government “to focus on how it should adjust the education system to accommodate the needs of a child, rather than just thinking of where to place him or her,” Castro said.

“No children should be left behind and we should adjust our education system to accommodate the needs of our LWDs,” she added.

The law prohibits any kind of discrimination against learners with disabilities.

Castro said that under the new law, no school should close its doors to any learner by reason of his or her disability.

“This is another victory for our learners and disability education advocates who underwent several years, even decades of struggle just to push the government for their right to education,” Castro said.

“In reality, an overwhelming majority of persons with disabilities are unable to study even in the public schools due to lack of teachers or learning resources and facilities that will suit their needs. We see this law as another step forward for the promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities,” she added.