/ 26 May 2024

SENATOR Christopher ‘Bong’ Go stressed the need for the government to foster athletic talent.

At the same time, Go emphasized the importance of community support in sports.

“Every young athlete deserves a chance to compete, learn, and succeed. Supporting them is not just about funding—it’s about building a future where every child can dream big and achieve bigger dreams,” Go said.

The senator’s statement came following the success story of young Isabella Roan Ramirez, a nine-year-old swimmer hailing from Manatal, Pandi, Bulacan on her journey to the Asia Open Schools Invitational Swimming Championships 2024, held earlier this February.

When the Ramirez family reached out for assistance, Go, through the Philippine Sports Commission, promptly responded with the necessary financial support to ensure Isabella could compete on this prestigious international stage.

This proactive approach is part of Go’s commitment to ensuring that young Filipino athletes have the opportunity to excel.

Isabella’s participation at the Championships marked a significant milestone in her athletic career and served as a testament to the potential of Filipino athletes to compete globally.

As Go looks to the future, his focus remains steadfast on enhancing the support systems for young talents nationwide.

“Our commitment extends beyond the water of the swimming pools to every court, field, and track where our youth strive for greatness. We will continue to invest in these young dreams and watch them soar to their fullest potential,” he stated.