/ 28 May 2024

SENATOR Loren Legarda has filed a measure instituting the charter of the National Library of the Philippines.

Senate Bill 2666 or the proposed National Library of the Philippines Act seeks to reorganize the library structure.

Legarda said the NLP stands as the repository of the printed and recorded cultural heritage of the country and other intellectual, literacy resources and information sources.

It envisions being the premier library in the country, with an extensive collection of library resources available in different forms and media, providing excellent customer service experience through automated library facilities and online services, driving the intellectual, social, and cultural progress of Filipino society by the year 2027.

The measure aims to strengthen the institution’s capacity to fulfill its mandate as a custodian of the nation’s cultural legacy and intellectual wealth.

Based on the measure, the National Parks Development Committee will grant to the National Library its current location as its permanent official station.

The NLP shall be reorganized into the Office of the Director General; Office of Deputy Director General for Operations; Office of Deputy Director General for Management and Offices of Directors for External Affairs, Preservation and Conservation, Public Libraries, Copyright, Readers Services, Special Services, Technical Services, Finance and Administration, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, and Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.