/ 14 September 2021

SENATOR Risa Hontiveros called on the public education sector and local government units to join hands in formulating and implementing an emergency plan to address the education crisis.

Hontiveros said the emergency plan should be focused on the safe and careful reopening of schools in selected areas, effective utilization of the education budget and provision of mental health services for students.

“The country is facing a massive catastrophe as a result of the low simmering educational crisis made worse by the pandemic and the resulting prolonged lockdown and school closures,” Hontiveros said in her resolution.

The senator said that the education sector is set to receive the highest share of the 2022 budget — P773.6 billion.

However, she lamented that the closure of schools and other educational institutions not only affects the delivery of educational services but also adversely impacts the daily lives and well-being of students and their families.

“Globally three out of four students not reached by distance learning policies come from rural areas and the poorest households,” the senator said.