/ 2 June 2021

SENATOR Leila de Lima lauded the approval by the Senate on third and final reading of the bill establishing services for learners with disabilities.

De Lima said the passage of Senate Bill 1907 will help ensure equal opportunities for learners with disabilities.

“As a parent to a son and a grandparent to a grandson in the spectrum who are familiar with the struggles of learners with special needs, I am elated that the measure has been swiftly approved in the Senate,” she said.

In her Manifestation of Support for the bill, De Lima said the measure and reform in the country’s educational system gives justice to the necessities of students with special needs.

“My experience raising my son allowed me insight into the daily struggles and daily wins of families of children with special needs. So apt is the timing perhaps, even though still late in the coming, because I can only imagine how things have worsened with the new battlefronts that must be faced – those that have been brought about by this pandemic,” she said.

“Sa pamamagitan ng panukalang ito ay malaking tulong ang maibibigay natin sa mga pamilya at mga estudyanteng may learning disabilities,” she said.

“Sa kabila ng mga balakid, palagian silang nagniningning upang ipamalas na hindi hadlang ang kapansanan sa pagtatagumpay,” De Lima said.

“However well they adapt in life, however strong they can always stand in the middle of the storm to shine and always shine, the undeniable reality is that these learners have special needs that the State must not ignore,” she added.