26 June 2023

Globe has renewed its call for still unregistered customers to comply with the SIM Registration Act with the July 25 extended deadline just a month away.

SIM registration, which is mandated by Republic Act (RA) 11934 or the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration Law, is critical in maintaining the quality, integrity, and security of network services.

Registered subscribers will not only enjoy continued access to mobile and data services but also benefit from enhanced cybersecurity measures, reducing the likelihood of being targeted by cybercrime, particularly fraud.

Customers who fail to register their SIMs within the deadline will forfeit their existing load and promo registrations by July 31. Their SIMs will also be deactivated, which will impact day-to-day activities such as online payments, transport booking and deliveries, and access to mobile data for learning, earning and leisure, among others.

Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu emphasized the urgency of the registration.

“We strongly encourage all our subscribers who have yet to register their SIMs to do so before the July 25 deadline. Government has already given ample extension from the original deadline. We hope they finally comply,” Cu said.

“We reiterate that registering your SIMs will provide an added layer of protection against text scams and other forms of fraud. Registering your SIMs will be for your own benefit, and we’ve made it convenient to complete this step whether online or on site,” said Cu.

As of June 25, 53.85% of the total Globe mobile customer base, which includes active and inactive users, have registered.

To register, Globe Prepaid, TM and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customers may use the GlobeOne app and Globe’s SIM registration microsite, which are available 24/7.

Those who have fully-verified GCash accounts may also register via the GCash app. Just follow the instructions after receiving a prompt to register their SIMs, and they will get 1GB of free data upon successful registration.

Globe Postpaid and Platinum subscribers, meanwhile, have already been included in the SIM registration database.

For company-owned Globe Business prepaid accounts, steps to register or update details have been sent to your company’s authorized representative. Globe Business postpaid accounts have also been included in the SIM registration database.

For subscribers who require in-person assistance, Globe has set up registration help desks in all Globe Stores and EasyHubs nationwide. Trained staff are readily available to guide customers through the process and answer any queries.

Globe has been proactive in spreading awareness and providing education about the benefits of SIM registration. Various campaigns and customer outreach initiatives are in place to encourage subscribers to meet the deadline.

“Globe is committed to providing the best experience for all subscribers. As the deadline approaches, we want to ensure that everyone continues to enjoy our services without interruption. Together, let’s make our digital world safer and more reliable,” said Cu.

To learn more about Globe and its SIM registration efforts, visit