/ 13 July 2022

A FEDERATION of private schools on Tuesday expressed opposition to the full implementation of face-to-face classes by November 2, 2022.

“The ruling of the President [Ferdinand Marcos Jr.] giving us options is tenable but expiring it for full face-to-face classes by 2 November is untenable,” Eleazardo Kasilag, president of the Federation of Associations of Private Schools and Administrators (FAPSA), said.

Kasilag did not give details why his group was opposed to the full implementation of in-person classes.

The Department of Education mandated all public and private schools nationwide to transition to five days in-person classes starting November 2.

Also, FAPSA appealed to Education Secretary and Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio for a consultation on the date of the opening of classes.

“Private schools could not extend much farther the enrollment because we are running out of funds for salaries of school personnel,” Kasilag said.

“Please, Madame Secretary [Vice President and Secretary Sara Duterte], feel us about this. We wish for an extensive consultation to thoroughly exhaust this for the benefit of all private school stakeholders,” he said.