/ 2 May 2024

AN ASSISTANT Schools Division Superintendent of Mandaluyong City and former school head of Pasig City Science High School disclosed that a positive education community helps the learners succeed in the National Achievement Test.

Charlie Fababaer, former PCSHS head, made the statement after the school was among the Top 5 performing schools after their Grade 10 learners scored 77.47 percent in School Year 2022-2023 NAT.

“We believe that effective preparation for standardized tests like the NAT extends far beyond a single week of focused effort. Ideally, it should be seamlessly integrated throughout the entire teaching and learning process, encompassing not only classroom activities but also broader school management practices,” the teacher said.

The teacher added that the multi-pronged approach implemented by PCSHS includes conducting a comprehensive review of the curriculum to ensure that it is aligned with the said assessment.

“We also focus on providing quality learning resources for our students, supporting our teachers, and closely monitoring the learning delivery and student performance,” Fababaer said.