/ 11 September 2020

THE LOCAL government of Pasig City will start distributing free tablets to public school students on October 1.

Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto said the gadgets will be delivered on September 30.

“We made the due date as far back as possible so that more suppliers would be able to bid. If a supplier delivers late there will be million-peso penalties,” Sotto said in a social media post.

He added that public schools were equipped with high speed internet connection. Teachers and parents of students who do not have access to the internet at home can go to schools, but learning modules can only be downloaded every two weeks.

Risograph machines have been delivered to public schools for the printing of learner’s packets.

Sotto also said that public school teachers underwent training for digital learning in preparation for the opening of classes.

Meanwhile, he said that 18,000 students applied for the city’s scholarship program.

Scholars will get their allowance via electronic payment.