/ 5 December 2021

THE PASIG City Police Station initiated a two-day youth leadership boot camp program over the weekend at RAVE Park in Barangay Malinao.

About 105 members of Kabataan Kontra Droga at Terorismo of Pasig from different barangays participated in the event.

Highlights of the affair include lectures and practical exercises on leadership, team building activities, and obstacle course.

The activity aims to prepare both the youth and student sector to promote leadership development and prepare them on becoming an active PNP partners and advocates of peace and development.

“You as leaders have a significant role in countering insurgency in your area. You have the power to influence other youths because youths are considered as a vulnerable sector in CPP-NPA-NDF recruitment. You must have the ability to lead by example by simply being aware of NPA’s wrong ideologies and deceit,” NICA-NCR Regional Director Dennis Godfrey Gamad said.

The program ended with the participants being challenged to put in their hearts the lessons, share or cascade and apply what they’ve learned, be good role models of the barangay, and always obey their parents.

“We believe that you are joining here because you care, because you want to make a positive difference, and because you are ready to take action for the greater good. Be catalysts of peace and be vigilant to the deceptive recruitment of communist groups. They have no other objective but to destroy your lives. Help us to save you from their evil designs.”

Pasig police chief P/Col. Roman Arugay commended the Kabataan Kontra Droga at Terorismo members and officers in their unwavering support to the Pasig PNP and for organizing the youth movement and encouraging the youth’s abilities in suppressing the illegal drugs and terrorism in the community.

“KKDAT Officers must lead to educate the youth sector as a key to the long-term solution of the government problem,” Arugay added.