/ 19 August 2022

THE NATIONAL Council on Disability Affairs denounced the Tiktok scholarship prank that made fun of persons with disability.

This came after a series of videos flooded the application where students asked their guardians to pretend to have a disability to be able to apply for a scholarship.

It got picked up and gained traction on social media.

NCDA Officer-in-Charge Executive Director Mateo A. Lee said that ridiculing PWDs violates Republic Act 9442.

Those who violate the law face a minimum of six months to two years of imprisonment and a fine of P50,000 to P100,000 for the first offense.

“Hindi po kami sold, o sang-ayon sa nangyayari sa tiktok, kung mga ganito lumalabas na pinortray nila yung mga taong may kapansanan bilang object or subject of ridicule,” Lee said in an interview with Teleradyo.

The NCDA said that making fun of PWDs is “not only extremely vile, ethically and morally wrong, but downright evil.”

“[PWDs] comprise one of the largest and most disadvantaged sectors. After a long history of being victims of ridicule, discrimination, and dehumanization, it is long overdue that Persons with Disability be accorded the respect,” the council said.