/ 11 November 2021

CITYSAVINGS’ Project #BetterMe has benefitted 2,000 public school teachers in 200 schools since it was launched in 2020.

The bank implemented the mental wellness program for teachers in response to the Department of Education’s call for more inclusive and wider access to mental health services and programs.

The project highlights this year’s World Mental Health Day theme, “Mental Health Care for All: Let’s Make it a Reality.”

Driven by its core values of Integrity, Magis, and Ubuntu, City Savings Bank, Inc. is committed to develop corporate social responsibility initiatives that address the needs of Filipino educators.

Project #BetterMe is designed to raise awareness of the importance of mental health by promoting good mental health practices, encouraging healthy and supportive relationships, correcting the stigma, and creating a positive and accessible working environment.

CitySavings partnered with MentaHealthPH, a volunteer organization of professionals from various fields who seek to champion and build mentally healthier communities and with AKVO Applied Psychology Center, a clinic based in Cebu that has been conducting online counseling and therapy sessions for clients.

Professional psychologists and psychiatrists serve as the program’s resource specialists who help educators learn about and understand self-care and, in the process, also take better care of their learners.

Relevant discussions also include strategies in dealing with common stress and conflict at home and work as well as practical ways to improve one’s mental wellness to develop resilience and positive connections.

Sharon Eviota Gloria, Teacher III from Tagana-an National High School in Surigao del Norte, appreciated the opportunity to join one of the Project #BetterMe webinars.

“Special thanks to CitySavings for your generosity in facilitating this webinar to teachers in this trying time. It is really a big help to us. Thank you so much. God bless you!” she said.

“This is a great initiative from stakeholders like CitySavings that is beneficial for teachers as frontliners,” Maria Doris Borja, Teacher III from Porfirio Ponayo High School in Camarines Norte, said.