/ 12 August 2022

THE CITY government of Makati will install solar panels in all public schools in the city as part of its advocacy to promote a greener, cleaner and more sustainable community.

Makati Mayor Abby Binay made the announcement during the Brigada Eskwela kick-off activity held at Comembo Elementary School on Wednesday, August 10.

“I am proud to announce that the city is procuring solar panels to provide a source of renewable energy in our schools and local government offices. This is part of our city-wide initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and leave a greener and healthier environment for the next generation of Makatizens,” Binay said.

The installation of solar panels in public schools will be done in batches with Comembo Elementary School as one of the pilot sites.

Makati City has 25 elementary schools, 10 junior high schools and 8 senior high schools.

Binay said the use of solar panels will significantly cut down energy consumption costs.

She added that solar panels will also ensure a continuous supply of electrical power to schools and offices even during calamities.

Binay said the installation of solar panels will also set a good example “for young Makatizens so they could become more conscious of the environmental impact of fossil fuel use and greenhouse emissions.”