/ 7 October 2020

THE MAKABAYAN bloc at the House of Representatives on Tuesday filed a resolution that seeks more support for students and teachers.

In filing House Resolution 1276, the lawmakers stressed that education is a right and an instrument for empowerment and national development.

The group called for higher state funding for public schools, universities, and colleges to provide ample support for students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel. A bigger education budget will also develop the capacity of public education institutions for flexible learning modalities amid the pandemic.

The lawmakers called on the government to prioritize the welfare of students and teachers by implementing health measures in schools, providing services for mental, emotional and physical health, and ensuring basic services like transportation.

The bloc sought the expansion of the coverage of scholarships and stipends for students as well as subsidies for gadgets and internet connection and funding for learning modules and related logistical needs.

The group added that the administration must also provide economic assistance to families and stop the increase of school fees.

To uphold students’ rights and ensure a pro-student mode of learning, there should be asynchronous classes, it said. There must also be a shift to flexible, compassionate, accommodating grading systems.

“With all these measures, the education sector is collectively resolved to protect the right to education during these difficult times and beyond,” the group said in the resolution.