/ 21 April 2021

AT LEAST five lawmakers filed a measure that aims to rectify errors stated in History textbooks used in schools.

Representatives John Marvin “Yul Servo” Nieto, Edward Vera Perez Maceda, Dale “Along” Malapitan, Eric Martinez and Roland Valeriano filed House Bill 4522 or the proposed Anti-Historical Revisionism Act.

“History, as a subject, offers an opportunity to not only retell past events that had major impact on the country’s development and culture. It also serves as a means to provide perspective on present problems and, in a way, a guide for future generations to avoid the mistakes of the past,” the lawmakers said in their explanatory note.

They stressed the importance of teaching history with great faithfulness to facts and figures.

However, the history books being used in schools prove to be a hindrance in achieving the goal.

“The history books being used are replete with inaccuracies and omissions which result in historical revisionism or distortion,” the lawmakers said.

House Bill 4522 mandates the Commission on Higher Education in coordination with the Department of Education, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines to organize a convention of History Professors in the Philippines.

Universities and colleges should be represented in the convention by at least one history professor.