/ 17 October 2022

SENATOR Loren Legarda filed a bill that will establish local history studies centers in all State Colleges and Universities in the country.

In her Senate Bill 1116 or the proposed Local Studies Center Act, Legarda said local history has enriched the understanding of the nation’s past and paved the way for the rewriting of Philippine history by acknowledging the role of illustrious persons from the provinces and cultural communities.

Legarda’s measure mandates the establishment of local studies centers in all state colleges and universities dedicated to cultural communities at large.

These centers shall serve as research institutions that will identify, recognize, document, conserve, preserve and promote local history, folklore, language and other aspects of cultural heritage through academic, scientific and scholastic approaches.

Legarda stressed that it is through learning and appreciating the wealth of local history and culture that the Filipinos will be able to enrich their national identity better and achieve more sustainable and inclusive social and economic progress.

“Understanding and discovering the wealth of Philippine culture and history in the provinces and cultural communities help the national government in settling disputes, addressing stereotypes, unequal opportunities and representations,” she said in her explanatory note.