/ 15 July 2022

SENATOR Loren Legarda urged the government to strengthen Science and Technology curriculum and other subjects related to cyber science in reviewing the K to 12 program.

Legarda emphasized the need to keep up with the rapid evolution in cyber technology.

“One of the bills I will refile this Congress is the Online Network Philippines Act, which seeks to establish ICT hubs all over the country in order to increase access to technology,” she said.

The measure, she explained, will help strengthen the information and technology literacy of Filipinos and further drive innovation and nation-building in the digital age.

The senator also listed programs or items that should be added in the curriculum, such as the Bill of Rights; global and national food waste situation, ways to reduce food waste, national and local food waste prevention programs; food forest gardening; urban agriculture; entrepreneurship; cultural education; and culinary heritage and Philippine gastronomy.