/ 22 November 2022

HOUSE Speaker Martin Romualdez vowed support for the modernization of the Philippine National Police Academy, committing to work for more benefits for cadets.

The Speaker also pushed for the autonomy of the police academy in building its infrastructure, acquiring of equipment and reorganize administrative structures.

“In an increasingly globalized, highly advanced society, there is a need to modernize the PNPA and educate our police corps with new methods, so they may have the competency and expertise to deal with criminals employing new schemes and technology in the commission of a crime,” Romualdez said when he visited the academy recently.

“Sa inyo umaasa ang mga kababayan natin. Dahil sa inyo, nakakatulog sila ng mahimbing kasama ang kanilang mga pamilya,” he told PNPA cadets.

“The PNPA must also be authorized to determine exclusively its plans, policies, programs, curricula, and standards of teaching and training,” he said.

“To boost the PNPA cadets’ morale, they should be awarded with benefits in case of disability, sickness, or even death, during training,” Romualdez said.