/ 3 July 2021

THE COMMITTEE on Basic Education and Culture of the House of Representatives created a technical working group that will draft a substitute bill for a measure seeking to establish the country’s higher education career system.

Members of the committee headed by Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo agreed to amend some of the provisions of House Bill 3737 or the proposed Philippine Higher Education Career System Act.

Under the bill, the Phil-HECS will be a merit-based system that will promote and facilitate the recruitment, selection, professional advancement, and career management of qualified individuals for deployment to State Universities and Colleges.

The System will also establish and maintain a roster of eligible executives from which appointments to the positions of SUC presidents will be drawn.

During the hearing, Commission on Higher Education Chairman Prospero de Vera said that the agency monitors the qualification of education personnel as well as their professional development.

De Vera stressed that there should be another training program for 2nd level leaders in the universities.

“Mahirap i-convert ang isang academician into administrator,” he pointed out.

Rodriguez, in his bill, stressed the mandate of the State to protect, foster and promote the right of citizens to affordable quality education.

“Philippine higher education is mandated to contribute to a quality nation capable of transcending the social, political, economic, cultural and ethical issues that constrain the country’s human development, productivity and global competitiveness,” the lawmaker said in his explanatory note.

Rodriguez stressed the urgent need to institutionalize and strengthen Philippine Higher Education System by investing on the recruitment and selection of competent leaders in state-run higher education institutions.