/ 25 March 2023

THE HOUSE of Representatives has approved a measure seeking to strengthen the enterprise-based apprenticeship program and training to raise the level of skills and competencies of Filipino students and fill the labor demand of industries.

With 277 votes in favor and 3 negative votes, House Bill 7400 or the proposed Enterprise-Based Education and Training Program Act was approved on third and final reading.

The measure aims to rationalize the middle-level workers’ training system by consolidating apprenticeship, dual training, on-the-job training programs and all other forms of industry-based training arrangements.

The bill, a consolidation of HB 1665 filed by Cagayan De Oro 2nd District Rep. Rufus Rodriguez and HD 2283 introduced by CIBAC Party-list Rep. Eddie Villanueva, received strong support from the chamber.

“If this becomes law, this will certainly enrich the competencies and skills of our Filipino students and workers through hands-on training in enterprises or industries that will eventually hire them in the future,” House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez said.

“This is making sure that whatever skills these enterprises need, Filipino workers will possess them,” he added.

HB 7400’s main objective is to establish a competency-based and national enterprise-based training and education system for students aspiring to be middle-level workers, including an off-and-on-the job training program.

Enterprise-based education and training programs strengthen the present apprenticeship program to include workplace-related training and education such as learnership, on-the-job training, practicum, work appreciation program, dual training system, internship, and in-company training.