/ 20 August 2020

THE ALLIANCE of Concerned Teachers has condemned the ‘tokhang style’ killing of a teacher in Bacolod City.

The slain victim, Zara Alvarez, was an educator, volunteer ACT Bacolod Coordinator, and human rights worker.

ACT also remembered her dedication to her work and how she inspired others to become teachers.

“Her dedication to serve the disadvantaged in the face of overwhelming adversities reignited the same passion that pushed thousands of teachers to enter the profession, despite the crises-ridden public education system,” ACT said in a post.

ACT added that such killings seek to legitimize the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 since Zara had actively fought for ‘decent salaries’ and ‘humane working conditions’ for her fellow teachers.

The alliance  said that people will not stop fighting for their rights despite the killing.

“They may have killed Zara Alvarez, but her principled defiance against all injustices will persist in our unwavering struggle for people’s rights and freedoms,” ACT stressed.