/ 20 January 2021

A GROUP supported the recent move of the Department of National Defense to terminate its accord with the University of the Philippines saying that it will put UP in its proper role and context as the prime university of the country.

“We don’t think that the abrogation of the accord is a scheme for intelligence operations, surveillance, raids of student offices or even lockdown of key installations in UP such as bookstore or printing press,” Liga Independencia Pilipinas Secretary General Jose Antonio Goitia said.

“This abrogation will put the University of the Philippines in its proper role and context as a prime university in Philippine society. It should be viewed as a prime learning institution for both privileged and less privileged youth,” Goitia added.

He explained that the country is no longer under Martial Law.

“We are no longer in the era of dark ages of martial law where rights and academic freedom were curtailed. What the government is after are groups that impedes the growth and development of the youth and incalcate to them terrorism , threat and violence as an option to everything. Instead of helping the youth achieve its aspirations and dreams,” he said.

Goitia pointed out that it is time to correct the mistakes of the past.

“Never again shall we allow the dark ages of the past, the FQS and DILIMAN COMMUNE. But rather UP as a top university in Asia that produces the best and brightest minds of the future,” he said.

On January 15, Lorenzana informed UP President Danilo Concepcion that the DND terminated the 1989 UP-DND agreement because it was a “hindrance in providing effective security, safety, and welfare of the students, faculty, and employees of UP.”