/ 9 July 2022

SENATOR Juan Edgardo Angara stressed the need for the government to attract more educators to teach in public schools.

Angara said this could be done by raising the minimum salary grade level of teachers from Salary Grade 11 to 19.

“Public school teachers are among the most underpaid workers, given their workload and role in the society,” Angara said.

“Despite the fact that they are heralded as molders of our children’s future and second parents to our children, public school teachers receive a basic salary that does not equate to their contribution,” he added.

The senator lamented that the low salary given in public schools made it least attractive to the best and the brightest graduates from top colleges and universities. This prevents the country’s public education system from benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of outstanding teachers.

Angara filed a measure that aims to attract more competent teachers in public schools and help motivate the country’s teachers to strive for excellence and thus improve the quality of education in the public school system.

The measure is among the first 20 bills Angara filed in the Senate for the 19th Congress.

“Our teachers are considered to be the heart of the educational system. Hence, the government needs to give priority to their welfare and interests,” he said.