/ 11 March 2021

A TEACHER from Malabon City was recognized by the Global Teaching InSights, an organization for economic cooperation and development platform, for her online newspaper initiative that aims to update the youth on community, national and global issues.

The GTI recognized Master Teacher II Noemi Baysa from Malabon National High School for her Project I Commit to Global Citizenship Education through Online Newspaper or PIGEON.

In the video released by the GTI, Baysa shared the purpose and goals of the PIGEON, including achieving sustainable development.

“PIGEON is designed to promote global citizenship and sustainable development goals. It features works of students that focus on awareness of different local, national, and global issues. It delivers articles from different categories from news, features, opinion, and science. It also publishes artworks such as photos, illustrations, and literary pieces,” she said.

Together with former and current campus journalists of Malabon National High School, Baysa launched the PIGEON on April 20, 2020. Her team consists of 40 people, including nine Senior High School learners, 24 college students and seven young professionals.

Baysa envisioned that, through her initiative, Filipino learners can be more aware of issues on human rights, gender equality, the culture of peace and global citizenship.

She said PIGEON aims to engage students to critically think about global issues and what they could do or contribute to achieve sustainable development.

“We made it our mission to become a catalyst for change in creating a global community and in inspiring global citizens by upholding our pledge to perform our duty; to educate, to enlighten, and empower the youth,” she said.

Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones lauded the efforts of Filipino teachers who proactively promote the advancement of education and youth participation.

“We appreciate our teachers who devotedly fulfill their duties to help our learners and youth gain knowledge amidst the distance learning set-up. This PIGEON project is a huge achievement of SDO Malabon and I hope more schools and teachers will replicate Teacher Noemi’s efforts,” Briones said.

The Global Teaching InSights is an OECD initiative that supports the teaching profession in all of its rich diversity and breadth.