/ 15 August 2020

THE FAR Eastern University Central Student Council and Institute Councils once again appealed to the university administrators to reconsider tuition rebate starting mid-March until the end of May and fees breakdown for the coming school year.

“We sent a letter last May 14, 2020 which served as a request or a detailed breakdown of fees included in the rebate for the previous semester. Another letter was sent last July 24, 2020 to follow up on the previously sent letter, and also to make another request for the list of  fees for First Semester Academic Year 2020-2021,” the student body wrote.

The students argued that tuition and other fees for the 1st semester were released only during the enrollment period which caught them unprepared.

They are also seeking to have an open dialogue with the FEU administrators to clarify and justify the tuition and other fees this semester.

According to them, the dialogue will serve as a platform for the FEU community to discuss the current financial situations of the students.

“The FEUCSO, FEU Makati Student Council and Academic Organizations are together in advocating for transparency and fairness to the Tamaraw community by reiterating our request for a comprehensive dialogue that will clarify and justify the given tuition fees and other fees for this coming semester,” the student body said.

Recently, the FEU administration decided to move the opening of classes to August 17 to help students prepare for the new mode of learning.