/ 3 June 2021

THE DEPARTMENT of Information and Communications Technology adopted a new framework to boost digital transformation and improve the country’s readiness to participate in the global digital economy.

The DICT said that it adopted the CHIP Framework as a strategic guide for digital transformation.

“Your DICT is adopting the CHIP framework —which stands for Connect, Harness, Innovate, and Protect — to implement plans, programs and initiatives aimed at accelerating digital transformation to strengthen the country’s digital economy in the new normal,” DICT Secretary Gregorio Honasan II said.

“Through this framework, we shall strive for our economy to come out of the new normal stronger and more promising than before,” he added.

To mark National ICT Month, the DICT encouraged the public to participate and learn more about its efforts to achieve digital transformation. This year’s theme is “Onwards Through ICT: Building a Stronger Philippine Digital Economy.”

National ICT Month is held in June to remind the public of the value of ICT in nation-building.