Letters of Youth


/ 16 September 2020


How many times have you heard that living in this world is dictated by the norms imposed by society? That majority always wins? That the rule of thumb should be followed no matter what the circumstances are? For sure, you heard, said and asked these statements a thousand times. Maybe more. But Why?

At present, you need to fit in to survive. You need to cope with the unending changes to continue. You need to find the group where you will belong. In short, survival of the fittest. If you do not act like how the majority acts, then you are an outcast. You are strange. You are different. And being different often means being incorrect. At least in the eyes of the majority.

While many will say that being weird or distinct is a violation of normalcy, a different me would like to disagree.

First, it is really hard to find your spot in a plagued system. It will be unusually weird to engage myself in a social setting where people measure success using a subjective and inconclusive test. It will be a mistake to continue going with the flow even if you know that it is wrong.

But I cannot do much. I cannot do much to alter the course of society. What I can do; what we can do is to revive the faltering fire of diversity in society.

I believe that societies are created to harmonize people, not to generalize them. It should unite people and not cast a wall between the majority and the minority. They are created to balance the distinct views of people and not limit the imaginative prowess of each individual.

Society should be our sanctuary, not a bloody battlefield.

People should not battle to position themselves in society because in the first place they are already inside it. They should not eliminate differences rather they should welcome it. Societies need to be diverse for people to continue living at their fullest and brightest capacity.

I am not saying that society is evil. What is evil is the system that is currently running our society. The system which eradicates diversity and focuses on generality. The system which normalcy leans on the percentage of majority. The system in which defines uniqueness as a threat.

As time passes by, those considered different will be the majority and those who are normal would be the minority; creating an unending battle cycle between the two.

If both do not meet at a certain point, the system will collapse, society will be destroyed, and human interaction might stop.

The remedy may sound simple yet hard to decipher. We should accept all qualities of men, whether good or bad, right or wrong, weak or strong, to continue building society and to ensure that the human race will continue.

To dream a perfect society is like dreaming to have a perfect life; far from reality, only a true illusion.

Yes, we need the two types of energy; the good and the bad; positive and negative. With the hope that the good will always put the bad energy at bay. And the positive outlook of men will shine brighter than the negative shadows of others.

At the end of the day, we should not battle for position, instead we should struggle against oppression.