/ 14 April 2022

THE DEPARTMENT of Education vowed to provide interventions to help students and staff who witnessed the killing by a school principal of a teacher and her husband in Negros Occidental.

“DepEd Negros Occidental is deeply saddened by the tragic shooting incident that happened at Bilbao Uybico National High School in Hinobaan yesterday morning,” it said in a statement.

Warren L. Escosar, 56, shot dead high school teacher Alvarisa A. Arroy and her husband before taking his own life.

“We also commit to bring back normalcy in the school community by providing psychological interventions to the students and personnel who witnessed and are affected by the tragedy,” it added.

The shooting incident transpired at the school. The incident is being investigated by the police.

“DepEd Negros Occidental is working closely with other agencies and offices in dealing with the situation” tne department said.

The Schools Division appealed to its partners to exercise prudence in expressing their views and opinions on the incident in respect of the families of the victims.

“We strongly condemn all forms of violence occurring particularly in schools. We commit to the principle that schools are zones of peace where the safety and well-being of leaners and personnel are of utmost importance,” it said.