/ 27 November 2022

OFFICIALS of the Department of Education joined education leaders and representatives of other countries in the recently concluded EDUtech Asia 2022 held in Singapore.

The department, through Undersecretary Gerard Chan, presented the Basic Education Development Plan 2030, the K-12 Basic Education Program and TESDA’s Tulong-Trabaho Program to illustrate the future of education in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Vietnam discussed the promotion of digitalization of Technical-Vocational Education and Training.

Cambodia shared how it integrated climate change into the curriculum and technology.

Malaysia is working on integrating Digital Citizenship and Global Citizenship Education.

The panel delivered an insightful discussion on developing a roadmap to inclusive, equitable, and accessible education alongside innovation in curriculums to meet the needs of the skills-based economy of the future.

The event gathered 5,923 attendees.

EDUtech Asia is a dedicated festival for education leaders and policymakers from governments across the region to share their successes, strategies and plans for the future of education.