/ 27 August 2021

The DEPARTMENT of Education belied the claims that it has yet to pay a private company which served as a third-party provider in producing content for its DepEd TV.

DepEd issued the remark in response to a Facebook post that says workers tapped by the Ei2tech haven’t received their compensation yet.

The post also urged creatives, particularly graphic artists, animators, and video editors to ban the DepEd TV.

“We have been informed of a malicious post about DepEd TV circulating on social media. We immediately investigated the source of the post, but it appeared to be coming from a fake account. Nonetheless, we take the concerns raised in the post seriously,” DepEd said.

The department clarified that it has “duly paid” Ei2Tech in accordance to government rules and regulations.

“In our recent communications with Ei2Tech, they informed us that they have already paid all their financial obligations to their project staff who submitted complete requirements,” it said.

DepEd also assured that it will still be willing to address the concerns of affected individuals.

“If there are issues that are left unresolved, DepEd TV is open to assist concerned individuals to a dialogue with Ei2Tech,” it said.

Last year, DepEd tapped Ei2Tech, a company owned by TV broadcaster Paolo Bediones, to produce the TV episodes for distance learning.

But in March this year, several workers of Ei2Tech have come forward to complain about the months-long delay in their salaries.