/ 28 August 2022

AROUND 149 million new jobs in computing are projected to be needed globally in the next three years where 98 million are software developers, according to the recent data by the Philippine Software Industry Association.

With the acceleration of digital transformation brought about by the pandemic and the recent developments in technology, jobs in the IT and tech sector increasingly became one of the most in-demand jobs in the world utilized by businesses, government agencies, schools, and many other institutions.

Despite the various environmental and economic threats of recent years, IT and Tech has thrived successfully and enabled society to expand its borders and improve communication, efficiency, and productivity.

“Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, the IT industry is still growing and we need more people to be educated in the newer things that are being applied in the Software Development and IT industry so that we can continue this growth pattern,” said PSIA president Jonathan Defensor de Luzuriaga.

Bridging the gap between the academe and the actual needs of the industry, iACADEMY has been known to offer specialized programs in computing, business, and design.

The School of Computing, known for its cutting-edge programs that focuses on emerging technologies like Cloud Computing and Software Engineering, boasts of its recent tracer study that revealed 98 percent of its graduates have found jobs within one year after graduation.

“What sets iACADEMY apart from all the institutions that offer IT and tech courses is the intensive training and specialization we provide our students through curriculum enhancement brought about by our strong ties with industry partners. On top of what is required by the Commission on Higher Education, we added 500 hours of specialized training embedded in the domain-specific subjects in all our computing programs,” shared Dean of School of Computing Mitch Andaya.

The school also stays updated with various tech skills and trends reports that identify the emerging subjects and new technologies being discussed globally to ensure they are incorporated into the curriculum.

“It’s very important for us that our students get the latest developments in their respective fields and the most advanced education we can provide them. It’s our duty as an institution to ensure they will be industry-ready and well-equipped with the core competencies needed for the challenges of the 21st century,” said iACADEMY president and CEO Vanessa Tanco.

“This is our commitment since our establishment and we will continue with this goal in mind so that we can contribute quality professionals in the workforce and create a bigger pool of Game Changers in our society.”