/ 17 August 2023

SENATOR Francis “Chiz” Escudero on Wednesday confirmed that he may vote against the revival of the mandatory Reserved Officers’ Training Corps program.

Escudero said that he is not convinced that the program will instill patriotism among students.

“I will most likely vote against it…I took a position against it. I was chairman of that committee that was supposed to tackle this. I inhibited myself, I didn’t stifle it,” he said.

“I am against this simply because I don’t see the wisdom behind it that ROTC will inculcate patriotism and love for country,” the senator added, adding that he did not learn to love his country through the Citizen’s Military Training program.

The senator also questioned a survey that says 75 percent of Filipinos aged 18 to 24 favor mandatory ROTC.

“Is that a survey using random sampling? I’m using actual hard facts and data which is of those required to take the NSTP or National Service Training Program, only 18 or on a good year for ROTC, 20 percent take the ROTC option. Kung 75 percent ang may gusto niyan, eh di sana 75 percent ng 18 to 24 years old na college students natin, ROTC ang kinuha. At pwede naman nilang kuhanin under the NSTP law,” he said.