/ 28 May 2021

COMMISSION on Higher Education Chairman Prospero De Vera III said that those who insist on the resumption of face-to-face classes are “blind to the innovations for continued learning.”

He maintained that flexible learning is the “better way than in-person classes.”

De Vera made the statement after the National Union of Students of the Philippines said that CHED is “deaf and blind” to the plight of students under flexible learning.

“They are willing to risk the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff and are not learning from the experiences of other countries that opened, but had to close their schools again because of new pandemic outbreaks,” he said.

NUSP President Jandeil Roperos said that instead of sticking to flexible learning, CHED should assert the gradual and safe resumption of face-to-face classes.

Roperos stressed that CHED’s defense of flexible learning is “an offense to right to education.”

She pointed out that CHED should fulfill its mandate of promoting quality higher education and ensuring access to it.

“We can’t afford a blanket policy on flexible learning. It does not apply to all, since many students don’t have the capacity to meet the requirements of flexible learning,” she said.

“We need CHED to be proactively campaigning and finding solutions for the safe resumption of classes. For example, conduct risk assessments and allow low risk areas or rural areas to resume limited face-to-face classes and provide the needs for safe resumption of classes,” she added.