/ 2 October 2020

THE CANADIAN Embassy in the Philippines has announced that it will train children and teachers to increase their understanding of diversity, tolerance and empathy under its peace education program.

The embassy earmarked about CAD$1.9 million for the project dubbed as 1001 Nights Civic and Peace Education Program.

“Canada is honored to be part of efforts by the Philippines Department of Education to further promote the teaching of life skills and civic values to grade school Filipino children. This is especially important today as governments and parents around the world seek to address education for the next generation in the middle of a pandemic,” Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines Peter MacArthur said in a statement.

The project aims to provide training to about 100,000 children and 3,500 teachers in 100 schools nationwide.

Through the program, Canada hopes that Filipino children will have an “increased understanding of why diversity, inclusion, tolerance, non-discrimination, and empathy are smart life choices” that lead to “greater harmony and happiness.”

Vancouver-based Big Bad Boo Incorporated will implement the program along with the Department of Education and a Philippine studio in Manila.

Titled ‘1001 nights’,  the program will feature cartoons that will teach children life skills and civic values like non-violence, human rights, democracy, gender equality and rule of law.

The program is based on a television series of the same name which is broadcast to 70 countries around the world and viewed by millions.