/ 8 February 2021

YOUTH group Anakbayan on Sunday aired its support for the people of Myanmar whose leaders were detained following a coup early this month.

Anakbayan said that the military takeover discards that country’s efforts toward democracy.

Anakbayan urged the people of Myanmar to protest the coup and call for the release of imprisoned leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi.

“The junta will brazenly violate even the most fundamental rights of the Burmese people, and hobble the national economic development as the military engages in corruption and exploitation and sale of Myanmar’s natural resources and imperialist powers,” the group said on Facebook.

It called on the youth in all countries to combat fascism.

“As the world roils crisis after crisis, and as the ruling classes resort to increasingly desperate means to cling to power, Anakbayan also calls on all the progressive and democratic youths across the world to unite and prevail against fascism,” the group said.