/ 20 May 2023

THE PROFESSIONAL Regulation Commission on Friday said that 24,819 elementary teachers and 48,005 secondary teachers passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers held in 37 testing centers nationwide.

PRC said 60,896 aspiring elementary teachers took the exam, but only 40.76 percent passed. It added that 19,390 of those who passed were first timers, while 5,429 were repeaters.

Meanwhile, 102,272 aspiring secondary teachers took the exam, but only 46.94 percent passed.

Of those who passed, 39,890 were first timers and 8,115 repeaters.

The exam was given by four members of the Board for Professional Teachers, including chairman Dr. Rosita Navarro.

The top passers for elementary level are Sitty Ken Rose Alip of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Mikaela Andrea Tampilic Bonador of University of the Philippine Diliman, Jose King Paliza Clet of Philippine Normal University Manila, Cyntal Arra Sabatin Dayag of University of Mindanao Tagum. Andrea Nicole Vicera Sumugat of University of Negros Occicental-Recoletos, and Fritzie Mae Sarona Unabia of Cebu Technological University Argao who got a score of 92.20 percent.

PRC declared Bohol Island State University Tagbiliran as the top performing school with a success rate of 100 percent.

In the secondary level, PNU Mindanao was the best performing school, with 176 out of 179 test takers passing, or a 98.32 percent overall passing rate.

Meanwhile, Mirven Maghuyop Cabesay of University of Mindanao-Davao City got the highest score for secondary level with 93.40 percent.

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